SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gamingheadset Xbox (sort)

2.4Ghz, Bluetooth, USB, aktiv støykansellering, Xbox, PC, PS5

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Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro X Trådløst Gaming Headset

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox
  • Reach almighty audio levels with the Nova Pro Acoustic System and Premium High Fidelity Drivers with immersive 360° Spatial Audio*, enhanced with Sonar Software *Fully compatible with Microsoft Spatial Sound / Tempest 3D audio for PS5
  • Active noise cancellation fully immerses you in the gaming world by removing outside distractions with Transparency Mode as an optional toggle
  • Hot-swap between two batteries to keep playing as long as desired, never running out of power
  • Simultaneous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth allow mixing game and mobile audio for phone calls and multimedia playback at the same time
  • AI-powered ClearCast Gen 2 noise cancelling microphone silences background noise and keyboard sounds for pristine audio communication and a fully retractable design
  • Multi-System Connect with dual USB ports works with Xbox, PC, Mac, PlayStation, Switch and more
Almighty Audio
Hear game audio like you never have before. Transport yourself to another world of immersive gaming. Almighty Audio is here.
Ascend above reality
Watch Product Film
Nova Pro
Acoustic System
Ultimate clarity and sound quality come together in the Nova Pro Acoustic System, raising the bar for what audio in gaming means. Our audio engineers pushed the envelope for legendary performance with Premium High Fidelity Drivers, achieving sound purity unlike any other gaming headset.
Lose yourself in the soundscape with 360° Spatial Audio* and take what's already awesome to the next level with SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software Suite.
* Also fully compatible with Microsoft Spatial Sound / Tempest 3D Audio for PS5
Take total control of every sonic element with magical precision, highlighting every critical step, reload, or vocal, utilizing the Pro-grade Parametric EQ, a first in gaming.
Active Noise Cancellation for Gaming
Fully immerse yourself with Active Noise Cancellation, removing outside noise with an advanced 4-mic hybrid system.Transparency Mode is just a button press away with adjustable hear-through levels to suit your situation.
Active Noise Cancellation for Gaming
Multi-System Connect
The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox streamlines your entertainment, allowing quick swapping between two USB-wired systems.
Multi-System Connect
Connect to Xbox and PC, Mac, PS, or Switch

Seamlessly swap between two devices with the press of a button, saving you from switching cables.

Game and Mobile Audio

Mix two audio connections simultaneously by using 2.4GHz wireless alongside a Bluetooth device.

  • Infinity Power System
    Gaming, unchained. Stay in the action with 2 hot-swap batteries, charging the second while you use the first. Almighty Audio never stops.
  • EQ Settings
    Easily configure the sound profile on the fly with a 10-band equalizer, from bass to treble, without leaving your game.
  • Chat Mix
    The Wireless Base Station allows you to strike the perfect balance between game sound and teammate chat, finding the optimal settings for victory.
  • Multi-System
    The perfect fit for your multi-system lifestyle, jump between console or PC with the flick of a switch.
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AI Noise Cancelling Microphone
Stand out with crystal clear comms as AI-powered noise cancelling software purifies your sound.
The broadcast-quality bidirectional microphone reduces noise by 25dB on any platform and blends seamlessly into the earcup when fully retracted.
The mic works in tandem with Sonar Software's AI algorithms* to silence background noise, cutting out keyboard tapping and button-mashing.
*for Windows 10/11
ComfortMAX <br>System
Height-Adjustable Earcups

Easily find the perfect fit with height-adjustable earcups and pivoting hangers.

Stretchy Comfort Band

Stay comfortable for hours by adjusting the tension on the elastic band for a personalized fit.

Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
  • Wireless USB ChatMix *Dedicated Xbox port
  • USB ChatMix* (via Sonar) *Windows 10 and above
PS5 | PS4
  • USB
Nintendo Switch
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
Software Requirements
GG + Engine
Windows 8.1 and above, Mac OS 10.13 and above
GG + Sonar Audio Software Suite
Windows 10 and above
Speaker Drivers
Neodymium Drivers
40 mm
Headphone Frequency Response (Wired)
10–40,000 Hz
Headphone Frequency Response (Wireless)
10–22,000 Hz
Headphone Sensitivity
93 dBSPL
Headphone Impedance
38 Ohm
Headphone Total Harmonic Distortion
< 1%
Active Noise Cancellation
4-mic hybrid design with Transparency Mode
High-Res Audio Capable
Yes (Headphone Speakers)
Microphone Type
ClearCast Gen 2 - Fully Retractable Boom
Microphone Polar Pattern
Bidirectional Noise-Canceling
Microphone Frequency Response
100-6500 Hz
Microphone Sensitivity
-38 dBV/Pa
Microphone Impedance
2200 Ohm
Infinity Power System
Number of Batteries
At Home
Non-stop battery with hot-swap (within 8 seconds)
44 Hours - 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Gaming Wireless / 36 Hours - 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Gaming Wireless + BT (18-22 hours per battery)
Fast Charge
15 mins for 3 hours play
Dual Wireless
Bluetooth Wireless
v 5.0
Gaming Wireless
Low Latency 2.4 GHz
Dual Connection
Simultaneous 2.4 Ghz & BT
Wireless Range
40 ft / 12m (2.4 GHz)
Box Content
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless X Headset
Wireless Base Station
2x USB-C System Connections (1 dedicated Xbox port), 1x Line-in, 1x Line-out
2x Lithium Ion Batteries
2x USB-C to USB-A Cable (5 ft / 1.5m)
3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable - 5 pole to 4 pole (4 ft / 1.2m)
2x Removable Magnetic Ear Plates
Microphone Pop Filter
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I charge my headset while I'm away from home?
Yes, the magnetic earcups detach easily to reveal a discreetly hidden USB-C port for charging (with the battery inserted) when the Wireless Base Station isn't available. When using at home, this is not needed, as you would simply swap batteries for continuous usage.
How does the battery hot-swap work?
When the current battery is running low, if it's swapped within 8 seconds with the second battery, the headset will automatically power back on.
How does Multi-System Connect work?
The Wireless Base Station has two USB-C ports, which can connect to your PC or console with the provided USB-C to USB-A cables. Navigate the OLED screen menu to switch between active devices. You can also access the menu from your Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset by pressing in the volume wheel.
What are the connection differences between Arctis Nova Pro Wireless models?
All models come with two direct USB system connections, but if you own an Xbox, only the Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox will allow you to connect via the dedicated Xbox port (the second USB port is flexible for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Mac).
Can I use headset on-the-go?
Yes, Bluetooth is built into the headset, so you can use the Bluetooth connection in or out of home.
Can I connect two Xbox systems with Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox?
The port labeled "Xbox" on the Wireless Base Station is dedicated for Xbox use only, but the system can only accept one Xbox connection. The second port labeled "USB" accepts other consoles or PCs which can be connected for easy switching.
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Produktserie SteelSeries
Modell Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox
Garanti (måneder) 24
EAN 5707119041072
Høyoppløsningslyd Ja
Tilleggsfunksjoner Transparensmodus
Maks. driftsavstand 12 m
Type Trådløst hodesettsystem
Anbefalt bruk Datamaskin, Bærbar elektronikk, Spillkonsoll
Lydeffekter 360° Spatial Audio
Følsomhet 93 dB
Aktiv støyundertrykkelse Ja
Lydmodus Stereo
Frekvensrespons 10 - 22000 Hz
Bluetooth-versjon Bluetooth 5.0
Total harmonisk forvrengning (THD) 1%
Overføringsteknologi Trådløs
Impedans 38 ohm
Magnetmateriale Neodymium
Øredeltype for hovedtelefon Full størrelse
Tilgjengelig mikrofon Ja
Stil Spill
Membrandiameter 40 mm
Trådløs teknologi Bluetooth / 2,4 GHz radiofrekvens
Mikrofondriftsmåte Toveis
Følsomhet -38 dbV/pascal
Motstand 2200 ohm
Frekvensrespons 100 - 6500 Hz
Mikrofonformfaktor Hodesettsmikrofon
Støydemping Ja
Detaljer Innskyvbare mikrofoner
Monteringstype for mikrofon Boom
Teknologi Litiumion
Type Batteri til hodesett
Levetid (inntil) 44 time(r)
Inkludert antall 2
Fargekategori Svart
Gaming Ja
Farge Svart
Medfølgende tilbehør 2 avtakbare magnetiske øreplater, 2 batterier, Base for trådløst hodemikrotelefonssystem, Pop-filter
Service og støtte
Type 2 års garanti
Regionsunntak De forente stater, Asia - 1 år
Service- og støttedetaljer
Service og støtte Begrenset garanti - 2 år
Spesifikasjoner Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X ¦ Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5
Beskrivelse Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5
Kabeldetaljer Lydkabel - avtakbar - 1.2 m, 2 x kabel for USB-C til USB-A - avtakbar - 1.5 m
Kjøretidsdetaljer Vedvarende høring (2.4 GHz / Bluetooth): inntil 36 timer, Vedvarende høring (2.4 GHz): inntil 44 timer

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Av James 03.10.2023

It says it's compatible with Mac, but it's not. The earlier Arctis Pro Wireless had smart capabilities built into the headset, such as Chatmix, which worked with both PC and Mac straight out of the box. The Nova Pro has dumber hardware and instead uses Sonar, one of the worst pieces of software I've ever seen, and which only works on PC. The software really is such garbage that I wasn't sure whether I had downloaded malware by accident. Just don't bother - buy the older Arctis Pro Wireless instead. Stay away from the Nova range. Les mer

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