Arozzi Arena Deskpad Blå Kant

mikrofiber, vannavstøtende, til arozzi arena gaming desk

Varenummer: 974987 / Produktnr.: ARENA-PAD-BL

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Arozzi Arena Deskpad

The customized mouse pad covers 100% of the Arena surface and adheres tightly to the desktop with special materials. Arena Mouse Pad has a microfiber cloth surface which is water-resistant and machine washable. The mouse pad’s edges are stitched and the pad is 5 mm thick to maximize user comfort. Finally, the whole mouse pad weighs an impressive seven and an half pounds (3.4 kg) which together with the non-slip underside means it is impervious to any random movement over the surface.

Garanti (måneder) 24
Produkttype Musematte
Produktmateriale Mikrofiber
Høyde 0.5 cm
Vekt 3.4 kg
Farge Blå
Egenskaper Vannbestandig, sklifritt, sydde kanter