Red Harbinger Cross Desk

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Red Harbinger Cross Desk - Single Version

Most ultimate and all-encompassing PC case ever created!

Completely integrates all hardware, liquid and air cooling systems, lighting systems, and pretty much anything else that you may want to throw at it.


The Cross Desk is the result of years of research and hundreds of design variations. Our goal with Cross was to bring to market the most ultimate and all-encompassing PC case ever created. The desk itself doubles as the case and completely integrates all hardware, liquid and air cooling systems, lighting systems, and pretty much anything else that you may want to throw at it.

Acting as a built in case window, the tempered and scratch resistant glass top with frosted accent borders allows your desk to double as a display case for all of your computer hardware and components. The covered back compartment also allows you to hide away any components that you may think are not pleasing enough to be on display directly under the glass.

Stickler for cable management? Not a problem. By using false bottoms and providing ample cabling room under all surfaces, we have designed the entire desk around the ability to easily hide any wiring that you don't want to see. This allows for not only optimal air flow, but the ultimate in beautiful PC layouts. Even the legs of this desk have cable management in mind. The legs are hollow, easily accessible, and multiple cable routing grommets are provided which means that the possibilities for expansion are truly unlimited.


The Cross Desk comes air and liquid cooling ready. We have worked in the ability to hold 2 x 360mm radiators, one on each side of the desk, as well as 2 x 480mm radiators located in the back compartment. There are 14 x 120mm fan mounting locations as well as 4 additional mounts for targeted HDD cooling.

By using the entire underbelly of the desk as the computer case the Cross Desk is unmatched in its compatibility with multiple PC's. The desk easily accommodates all standard motherboard form factors all the way up to HPTX and has more than enough room for the several of largest video cards, CPU coolers, reservoirs, pumps, and power supplies on the planet.


We have also designed the desk with longevity in mind. It is made completely out of premium power coated steel, aluminum, and tempered glass to ensure that this truly will be the last desk and computer case that you will ever have to buy. Simply by looking at the images of the desk, its not hard to tell that the options are truly endless with this case. On top of that, we are continuing to work on additional accessories for the desk.

Single PC Version

Leg Design


HDD Cage Design


*Fans and drives not included

What is possible


Cooling system:
Radiator capacity:
Motherboard Support:
  • Left: 120mm fan x 3 (optional)
  • Right: 120mm fan x 3 (optional)
  • Rear: 120mm fan x 8 (optional)
  • Left: 1 x 360 mm (optional)
  • Right: 1 x 360 mm (optional)
  • Rear: 2 x 480 mm (optional)
  • mITX
  • ITX
  • mATX
  • ATX
Drive Bays:
IO Ports:
  • 5.25": 4 (2×2)
  • 3.5": 8 (left side) + 12 (right side)
  • 2.5": 6 (right side) + 12 (center, hidden)
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • 1x Audio
  • 1x Mic
  • 2x 22mm Power and Switch
  • Physical Dimensions (L x W x H): 1502mm x 726mm x 765mm
  • Package Dimensions (LxWxH: 1650 mm x 850 mm x 635 mm
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