Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5"

Varenummer: 653071 / Produktnr.: ST2000DM001

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The Power of One

The Barracuda® hard drive gives you one hard drive platform for every desktop storage application. One drive with trusted performance, reliability, simplicity and capacity.

  • 1TB/disc 7,200 RPM platform provides affordable capacity up to 3TB
  • Seagate OptiCache™ technology improves performance by up to 45%
  • Seagate AcuTrac™ technology enables reliable read/write performance even in high touch operating environments
  • Seagate SmartAlign™ technology for no-hassle transition to Advanced Format 4K sector technology
  • Free DiscWizard™ software enables 3TB drive use on legacy PC BIOS as well as Windows XP-based systems



Barracuda hard drives give you what you want

Count on Barracuda drives to deliver the storage innovations that drive your costs down and your performance up.

  • 7,200 RPM performance - from 250GB all the way up to 3TB
  • OptiCache™ technology further exploits big 64MB cache sizes and improved micro processor capabilities
  • SATA 6Gb/s technology to further maximise performance



Your no-hassle transition to 4K sectors.

Are you worried about moving to Advanced Format 4K sector technology? You do not have to be with Barracuda drives. Seagate SmartAlign™ technology makes this transition a doddle:

  • No utilities to run
  • No extra integration steps to take up your time







Maximises hard drive storage densities.

Barracuda 1TB-per-disc technology incorporates 340,000 unique tracks in the width of a single inch. This incredible storage density drives new capacity possibilities and lowers your total storage costs.

Seagate AcuTrac™ technology enables new storage densities with accurate reading and writing to nano-sized tracks that are only 75 nanometres wide! That is about 500 times smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence.




Go beyond 2TB with DiscWizard™ software

The sure way to obtain native access to hard drives bigger than 2TB is to adopt the new BIOS standard called UEFI. If you are not there yet, Seagate has an alternative.

Free DiscWizard™ software from Seagate provides you with a means to effectively use your 3TB Barracuda® drive, even with Windows XP and using the standard PC BIOS. Get your free copy to go beyond 2TB today!


Proven quality and performance

Barracuda drives have become the world's most popular family of hard drives with consistent quality and performance-enhancing innovations such as native command queuing and perpendicular recording.

Additionally, the legendary family of Barracuda® desktop hard drives is produced via the most sophisticated manufacturing process in the industry, with a focus on environmental stewardship.*






Green where it counts

Barracuda® 1TB-per-disc hard drives now have advanced power modes to save more energy while idling - without sacrificing performance.

Barracuda desktop drives are produced using the most sophisticated manufacturing process in the industry, with a focus on environmental stewardship.

  • Barracuda® drives comply with the RoHS directive on hazardous materials and voluntarily restrict halogen compounds
  • Seventy per cent or more of the materials used to build Barracuda drives are recyclable
  • Low power consumption


Garanti (måneder) 36
Enhetstype Harddisk - intern
Kapasitet 2 TB
Produktformfaktor 3.5" x 1/3H
Grensesnitt SATA 6Gb/s
Bufferstørrelse 64 MB
Byte per sektor 512
Features Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), Seagate OptiCache teknologi, Seagate AcuTrac teknologi
Bredde 101.6 mm
Dybde 146.99 mm
Høyde 26.11 mm
Vekt 626 g
Dataoverføringshastighet 600 MBps (ekstern)
Intern datahastighet 210 MBps (les) / 156 MBps (skriv)
Spindelhastighet 7200 rpm
Uopprettelige feil 1 per 10^14
Start- / stopp-sykluser 300,000
Utvidelse og konnektivitet
Grensesnitt 1 x SATA 6 Gb/s - 7-pins seriell ATA
Kompatibel brønn 3.5" x 1/3H
Kompatibel med Windows 7 "Kompatibel med Windows 7" software og enheter er en forsikring fra Microsoft om at disse produktene har bestått prøver mht kompatibilitet og driftssikkerhet med 32-bits og 64-bits Windows 7.
Tilpassede standarder RoHS
Min. driftstemperatur 0 °C
Maks. Driftstemperatur 60 °C