APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #18

APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #18

Varenummer: 582301 / Produktnr.: RBC18

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APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #18


Guaranteed UPS compatibility

Tested and approved to restore the performance of your APC UPS. Maintains UPS safety certifications (UL, VDE, CSA) and lifetime equipment protection policy (as applicable).

Long battery life

Designed by APC by Schneider Electric exclusively for APC UPS's for complete compatibility with the intelligent battery management system.


Fully assembled for easy hot-swap installation

APC RBCs are safe, reliable and contain a minimum number of connections saving valuable time. Because APC RBCs are hot-swappable, no network downtime is required in order to install them.

Re-usable packaging with clear instructions on how to properly dispose of spent batteries.

Convenient, easy and green.

Prepaid postage to a nearby recycling partner (availability varies by country)

Garanti (måneder) 12
Enhetstype UPS-batteri
Farge Svart
EAN 731304014003
Kvantitet 1
Teknologi Blysyre
Egenskaper Sølesikker
Min. driftstemperatur 0 °C
Maks. Driftstemperatur 40 °C
Størrelser og vekt
Bredde 30.2 cm
Dybde 10.2 cm
Høyde 3.6 cm
Vekt 2.6 kg
Størrelser og vekt (forsendelse)
Fraktbredde 39.4 cm
Fraktdybde 21.1 cm
Frakthøyde 5.1 cm
Fraktvekt 3 kg
Informasjon om kompatibilitet
Designet for P/N: AP1250RM, PRO8TV, PS250, PS250I, PS450, PS450I, SC1500, SC250RM1U, SC250RMI1U, SC450R1X542, SC450RM1U, SC450RMI1U

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