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Louqe Ghost S1

With the fundamental idea of a computer case designed to hold uncompromised performance in a Scandinavian, minimalistic and stunningly small form factor - GHOST S1 was born.

Let's challenge the concept

Maximizing functionality while simplifying the layout has been the primary guiding principle throughout the design process. The GHOST S1 was designed from the inside out, challenging the concept of a box. The stand-alone spine with built-in features gives unparalleled rigidity, flexibility and accessibility

A build like no other

The hardware of your choice is all bolted on directly to the "Spine", making it the single most important component of the case. This enables the fastest and most convenient build experience possible with open component access from every angle.

One size doesn't fit all

We don't believe a computer case should be bigger than necessary. However, being a performance junky sometimes means you need to fit more stuff than the Average Joe. The TopHat modules are designed to expand the volume of your GHOST S1 XS, making it a S, M, or L. Add a TopHat in the bottom, put it on top or even stack them on each other.

A quality you can feel

Milled from solid blocks of aluminum, this case offers a level of quality rarely seen in any computer case out there. With a glass blasted anodized aluminum exterior the GHOST S1 has a quality that you actually can feel.

Designed to (not) stand out

The Ghost stands out with its architecture and configurability, removing the traditional limits of a SFF case and at the same time it’s clean and minimal exterior lets it blend in in every setting

Airflow in focus

Cooling air is pulled in by each heat generating component and directed upwards through the top. This creates unparalleled cooling performance and allows for a system that is completely noiseless.

Sizes & Colors

The fundamental idea of GHOST S1 is a computer case designed to hold uncompromised performance in a package that looks stunning yet not bigger than necessary. To make it suitable for every occasion or placement the GHOST S1 comes in three colors and endless form factors - What's your combo?

GHOST S1 could be configured in different sizes by adding a TopHat of your choice. TopHats are acquired separately either in your order or when you are growing out of your XS. What you choose to use the extra space for is up to you, but we made it ready to fit the most common 120 mm accessories like fans and radiators right out-of-the-box. The architecture and configurability removes the traditional limits of SFF cases and let’s your imagination set the boundaries. Add a TopHat in the bottom, put it on top or even stack them on each other. For more customized mods we will make mounting brackets and accessories available for order and free download on our site - let us know what you require!

GHOST S1 build - Air

GHOST S1 build - Liquid

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