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Das Keyboard Prime 13 Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Minimalist design, white backlit Cherry MX

The Prime 13 is a minimalist, beautiful, and rock-solid keyboard that seamlessly connects the user to the machine for maximum creativity and productivity. Focus on the task at hand and let the keyboard disappear from your mind, seamlessly connecting it to your work displayed on the monitor.

  • Aluminum top panel
  • Cherry MX switches
  • White LED backlighting
  • Extra-long braided cable
  • USB pass-through
  • Full N-key rollover

German engineered Cherry MX switches

Das Keyboard incorporates a product of the highest-quality German engineering: Cherry MX switches. With gold crosspoint technology, these switches ensure high-precision electrical contact. They last over 50 million keystrokes with no loss of quality.

Cherry MX brown switch

  • Feel:Soft tactile
  • Actuation force:45g
  • Tactile force:55g
  • Lifetime:50 million actuations
  • Total travel distance:4mm
  • Pre-travel distance:2mm
  • Operating point:2mm
  • Reset point:2mm
  • Keycap stem:MX (cross)

Improved cable management

With the extra-long braided cable and its rectangular shape, the Prime 13 keeps you knolling more then ever.

Connect any device with a USB pass-through

Conveniently plug a mouse, thumb drive, headset, or phone directly into the keyboard's USB pass-through.

Laser engraved aluminum label

Forget stickers. Find excellence down to the laser-engraved aluminum label under the keyboard.

Sidelit media controls

We rotated the LED switches to be front facing so that even the media controls icons located on the side of the keycaps are backlit. The best way to explain this is to create this new word, sidelit.

LED auto-dim

The Prime 13 backlighting automatically dims after 10 minutes of inactivity. Even keyboards like naps.

Save the planet. Your Prime 13 saves energy

The planet needs your help. Every bit counts. The Prime 13 has built-in energy saving features.

Sleep control function
Das Keyboard was one of the first to incorporate a computer sleep control to its keyboards. Having a computer sleep a few hours a day while you are away from your desk will make your power hungry 600-watt, eight-core, fire-breathing monster computer stop burning unnecessary energy when it is not needed.

Knolling has never looked better

For the overachiever who likes to keep their desk clean, the Prime 13 has a place in the middle of your desk.

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