Sapphire VID-2X, DVI to DUAL DVI

DL-DVI input, 2 x Full HD DVI outputs, max 3840x1200, USB

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Sapphire VID-2X, DVI to DUAL DVI
Sapphire VID-2X, DVI to DUAL DVI
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Break though traditional desktop workspace limitations with the Vid-2X. Sapphire's Vid-2X is a neat little device that allows two monitors to be connected to a single DisplayPort or Dual-Link DVI output. Several Vid-2X external graphics adapters can be used to create advanced multiple monitor configurations.




Dual Monitors on Laptops and Desktops


Multiple monitor capabilities are now standard on all modern desktop systems but what about hardware already deployed or mobile users with laptops and netbooks? In corporate environments desktops may be under lease preventing any internal modifications or upgrades. The Vid-2X is an ideal alternative to docking stations for adding an additional monitor to laptops.




Leather Touch


A distinguished touch... by Sapphire.
The Vid-2X product line offers a unique paint finish with a leather touch. Impress friends and collegues with the contemporary design of Sapphire.



Just plug it in!


Easy to install, completely external. No need to mess with a system's internals or even have to install a driver. Simply connect the device to the video graphics port on your existing adapter. Connect the unit to a USB port on your system and that's it! Your operating system will automatically adjust and expose the new multi monitor functionality



Stretch Your IT Dollars


IT departments are naturally resistant to adding another platform to their infrastrucutre for several reasons - unfamiliarity with new vendors, cost of training, and concerns about compatibility. Sapphire provides a simple and non-intrusive solution for multi-monitor support across operating systems and hardware platforms. For example, if multi monitor expansion is the only requirement, Sapphire's Vid-2X can be used as a universal docking station across brands and models of laptops or avoid costly video graphics adapter upgrades in existing workstations. Simple and cost effective.




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