Corsair Gaming T1 RACE Gamingstol Sort/R

Varenummer: 987029 / Produktnr.: CF-9010013-WW

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Corsair Gaming T1 RACE 2018 Edition Gamingchair Black/Red

The CORSAIR T1 RACE delivers racing inspired design and comfort, combined with the highest quality materials for a professional gaming experience. Featuring a steel seat and back frame to ensure a lifetime of sturdiness, while the 4D-movement armrests, reclining seat back and tilt functionality provides unrivaled control. Nylon caster wheels ensure stability and traction on every surface. Height adjustment is powered by a steel construction gas lift. Recline with massive adjustability range between 90 to 180°, and tilt up for up to an additional 10°. Adjustable neck and lumbar pillows, wrapped in soft microfiber fabric and reinforced with automotive stitching, is designed to give the most important areas of your body the utmost support.

  • Steel skeleton: Solid steel construction enables you to plant yourself while ensuring strength and durability for years to come.
  • 4D-movement armrests: Raise or lower the height of the armrests, move them left or right, forwards or backwards, or swivel them to your desired location. Complete customization for the perfect position, enabled by mechanical control.
  • 3D textured armrests: Smoother texture on the armrests provide added comfort.
  • PU caster wheels: Heavy duty wheels stay-put when you’re gaming, provide stability on all surfaces, but also glide when you need to shift your position.
  • Height adjustable seating: Raise or lower the seat height effortlessly, and stay there with a steel construction gas lift.
  • Reclining seat back: Recline the back of your chair to get the most comfortable position possible, with massive adjustability between 90 to 180° range.
  • Tilt function with tilt lock: With the ability to have the chair tilt or be fixed you can customize your overall angle for an additional 10° of range.
  • Neck and lumbar pillows: With adjustable neck and lumbar pillows, wrapped in soft microfiber fabric and reinforced with automotive stitching, you’ll find the utmost support designed for the important areas of your body.
Garanti (måneder) 24
Produkttype Stol - liggestol - armlener
Pakkeinnhold Korsryggpute, nakkepute
Utformet for Spilling
Hodestøtte Ja
Trinser Ja
Tippespenningsjustering Ja
Maks. lastvekt 120 kg
Materiale Nylon, polyuretanskum, polyuretanlær, metallramme, 3D PVC-lær
Farge Svart, rød
Montering kreves Ja
Funksjoner Klasse 4 gassløfter, stålramme
Bredde 56 cm
Justerbar høyde Ja: 6 cm
Høyde 38 cm - 44 cm
Dybde 58 cm
Vinkeljustering Ja
Materiale Polyuretanskum, polyuretanlær, metallramme, 3D PVC-lær
Bredde 88 cm
Høyde 56 cm
Vinkeljustering Ja
Lumbalstøtte Ja
Materiale Høydensitetsskumplast
Funksjoner 90-180° justerbar vinkel
Design 5-punkts stjerne
Trinser 5 x 7.5 cm
Materiale Polyuretan
Form T-formet
Justerbare armlener Dybde, høyde, bredde, roterende
Høyde 28 cm - 38 cm
Funksjoner Polstret, 4D-justerbar
Størrelser og vekt
Ryggstøtte Bredde: 56 cm høyde: 95 cm
Vekt 24 kg
Størrelser og vekt (forsendelse)
Fraktvekt 26 kg
Fabrikantgaranti 2 år