Acer 4K DLP Laser Projektor VL7860

3840x2160 UHD, 3000 ansi, 1.5m:1, Speaker, VGA/HDMI

Varenummer: 986440 / Produktnr.: MR.JPX11.001

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Acer projector VL7860

The VL7860 Projector, with laser light source, provides an ultra HD big screen experience without going to the cinema.

• 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution
• Laser Light Source
• HDR Compatible for More Realistic Images
• 110% International Color Standard Rec. 709

Cinema-Like Color

Accuracy Colors are calibrated to achieve the highest level of true-to-life accuracy through the 110% of Rec. 709 color standard.

High-Speed Excitement

Get a detailed view of fast moving objects as they zip across the screen with the help of Acer’s AcuMotion technology.

1.6X Zoom Ratio

Maximize your space with a zoom ratio that’s ideal for mid-sized rooms.

Built-in Speakers

The two 5 watt, built-in speaker system lets you enjoy powerful sound without the need for external speaker

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