ITALERI 1:12 - Fiat Mefistofele 21706 c.c.

Varenummer: 939678 / Produktnr.: 4701S

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Denne flotte bilen har vært et prestisgeprosjekt for Italeri de siste årene. Meget detaljert og vakker modell bestående av over 500 deler. Svært detaljert motor hvor motorlokket kan åpnes og med fungerende styring.This model, which is unique in terms of technology and accuracy, consists of over 500 pieces to be assembled partially with screws. The bonnet can be open to view the highly detailed engine and it has working steering.


The one-off racing car Eldridge, derived from the old Fiat SB4 chassis, became known as Mephistofele for the infernal noise emitted by its powerful aircraft 6-cylinders in-line engine, giving a capacity over 20,000 cm3, not attenuated by exhaust mufflers kept free to provide the most significant performance.

On 12th July 1924 in Arpajon, the Mefistofele, was able to reach, driven by its pilot and designer Ernest Eldrige, the amazing speed, for the time, of 146,01 miles per hour (over 230 Km/h) and broke the World Land Speed Record achieving an impressive result. The Mefistofele, was characterized by the high back bodywork able to contain the powerful Fiat A-12 liquid-cooled engine and for its structure especially made to achieve the speed record.

Modellens lengde 45cm
Boks størrelse 560x280x115mm