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NZXT Hue+ Extension Kit

Varenummer: 919386 / Produktnr.: AC-HPL03-10

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NZXT Hue+ Extension Kit

Add two LED strips to extend HUE+'s lighting

  • Numerous lighting modes and countless customization options
  • Digitally controlled with CAM software
  • Simple and versatile installation with daisy-chained design
  • Visualize PC’s sound output with Audio mode
  • Add Two LED Strips to the HUE+ supporting up to 40 LEDs per channel
  • Smart Lighting mode enables lights to react to changing PC conditions
Garanti (måneder) 24
Produkttype Systemhusbelysning (LED)
Pakkeinnhold Forlengelseskabel (30 cm), RGB LED-stripe (10 LED-er) (30 cm), forlengelseskabel (10 cm)