Powerstar Golf - Emperor's Garden Game Pack

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Expand your Powerstar Golf experience with a new course, a new character, new career events, and more! For beauty and challenge, few courses rival Emperor’s Garden. Blustery bays, rocky ravines and cascading creeks stand between you and the world-class greens offered within.

This item adds the following content to the game:

  • The 18-hole Emperor’s Garden course
  • A new golfer (Master Laoshi) to unlock, together with his Zen Focus ability
  • 11 new career events to master, each with multiple goals & rewards
  • Laoshi's custom gear (added to the Store)

If this is your first game pack it also unlocks all game features, allowing you to:

  • Play on any course in Open Play and Local Multiplayer modes
  • Challenge other players’ best rounds in Rival Mode
  • Upload your own rival data for other players to challenge
  • Share and borrow caddies with friends
  • Unlock achievements
DLC true
Nedlastbart spill Game
PEGI Anbefalt Aldersgrense PEGI 3
Platform Microsoft
Sjanger tillegg, sport
Støttet system XBOX One