World War One - Centennial Edition

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Turn based strategy game with the most accurate World War 1 background Lots of strategic and economic elements to handle and master Diplomacy Research and development Politics Recruitment War campaigns National will Secret services Great generals, admirals, flying aces, spies… These elements strengthen the immersion and bring a very complete WW1 experience The military aspects are very detailed Importance of technology Weather and geography will affect your troops efficiency Alliances and cooperation are the key to the victory A very skilled AI : it will be a real challenge to defeat it Multi-player scenarios for massive battles (LAN or internet) World War 1 : an unexploited genre for a strategy games World War One games are few when compared to the number of World War 2 titles Based on a game that is symbol of historical accuracy and quality Strong historical researches and realism An exceptionally well polished game Great AI with customizable mechanisms A fully detailed war economy with realistic components Scientific research handled as in the Great War, with     unknown results before tested on the field National Will affected by timing of Great Offensives,     Politics and most of all, human losses
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Platform Steam
Sjanger simulator
Støttet system PC Windows