Polaroid PIC 300 Analogkamera

Produktnr.: POLPIC300BL / Varenummer: 825003

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Polaroid Compact Instant Analog Camera PIC300BL

The Polaroid PIC300BL Compact Instant Analog Camera allows you to take pictures you'll see developed in front of your eyes in minutes. It's the modern version of the classic Polaroid instant camera you've grown to love and just in time for your wedding, anniversary, birthday or other big event. The camera prints pictures about the size of a business card (1.8-inches by 2.4-inches) on paper that's 2.1-inches by 3.4-inches.

To use, simply snap, print and share your photos - that's it. Take it on the go so you can send friends and family home with pictures of their own within minutes. The film counts down like a disposable camera so you know how many pictures are left before you change the film.

When the camera isn't used for 5-minutes with the power on, all the lamps automatically turn off and the camera enters an energy savings state. The camera can be reset to the "power on" state by hitting the shutter release button or pushing and pulling the lens section.



  • Analog camera that allows you to print images instantly.
  • Takes business card size instant color photos, works with Polaroid 300 instant film.
  • Includes a wrist strap and (4) AA batteries.
  • (4) scene settings help capture the perfect shot in any light.
  • Compatible with PIF-300 Instant Film.
Garanti (måneder) 24
Kameratype Øyeblikkskamera
Eksteriørfarge Blå
Filmtype Instantfilm
Eksponeringsområde 1/60 sek
Eksponeringsmodi Program, automatisk
Type Objektiv
Min. fokusavstand 60 cm
Type Virkelig bilde
Blitz Innebygd blitz
Blitzmodi Automatisk modus
Opptaksområde 0.6 m - 2.7 m
Tilleggsutstyr inkludert Håndstropp
Type Batteri - AA-type
Påkrevd antall 4
Inkludert antall 4
Størrelses- og vektdetaljer
Størrelses- og vektdetaljer - 12.1 cm x 7.1 cm x 12.3 cm - 530 g