Project Temporality

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In Project Temporality, you play as Number 87, an involuntary test subject in a secluded off-world research facility, where the executive has lost himself to a ruthless obsession. The game takes place on a space station posted by Jupiter, which has recently been ignited as a star. In this remote, volatile place, researchers, soldiers and service crew alike have been forced to pick sides and decide what to do when conventional procedure and anything similar to ethics has deteriorated under the urgency of their mission Forced to try out time-altering experimental technology that has been surgically implanted in your body, you traverse the game’s many puzzles and challenges in your search for a way out. The test chambers and examination rooms of the game are littered with testimonies for you to delve into. What happened to the other test subjects? What does the admiral in charge have to say for himself? How did humanity mess up so horribly?
Krav TBC
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Platform Steam
Sjanger eventyr, action
Støttet system PC Windows