Wahoo Fitness TICKR X

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Train Free, Train Perfect with the Wahoo TICKR X. This ultimate workout wearable is the latest addition to the TICKR family, and it tracks workouts with or without your phone. The TICKR X’s memory feature captures heart rate, calorie burn, and workout duration even if it isn’t connected to your phone - perfect for those days where you forget your phone or want to leave it in your gym bag. It also tracks additional motion analytics such as cycling cadence. It’s the perfect fitness tracker for all types of athletes!

TICKR X features

  • Memory : Allows you to track your heart rate, calorie burn, and duration while you workout without your phone and auto-sync later - holds up to a 16 hour workout! Perfect for all those activities where you can’t have your phone on hand
  • Motion Analytics : Captures your indoor cycling cadence. Additional motion analytics (e.g. laps, reps, other sports) to be added in future firmware updates!
  • Rapid Double Tap Control : Without your phone - double tap adds markers for specific points throughout your workout. With your phone - control app functions such as music playback and laps.
  • Vibration Alerts : Let you know your TICKR X is connected and indicate when you add a marker during a phone-free workout
  • Heart Rate : Of course it measures your heart rate, too. And, it works with Wahoo’s Burn and Burst™ program that makes heart rate training easier

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