CM Storm Trigger Z Gaming Keyboard Brown

USB, Nordic, Mechanical CHERRY MX BROWN, 64 KRO, 128K MEM, 75 Macros, 5 Profiles

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Produsentens varenr: SGK-6010-GKCM1-ND
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CM Storm Trigger Z Gaming Keyboard Brown

Most potent weapon in your gaming arsenal with full backlighting to make you stand out from the competition.

Trigger-Z the weapon of choice for hardcore gamers and e-sports professionals!


The Trigger-Z by CM Storm is the most potent weapon in your gaming arsenal with full backlighting to make you stand out from the competition. High-grade Cherry MX mechanical switches and detachable soft touch wrist rest provide durable construction and uncompromised comfort. Deliver an endless hail of destruction with the ability to press up to 64 keys simultaneously and utilize five programmable macro keys with profile management, scripting, and button reassignment. Significantly reduce setup times by storing profiles and key assignments with 128KB of onboard memory. Multi-media control keys and disabling the windows key means gaming without skipping a beat. All these features make Trigger-Z the weapon of choice for hardcore gamers and e-sports professionals.


  • Fully programmable! Save up to 5 Profiles and 75 Macros on the Keyboard
  • Powerful Rapid Fire Engine for faster hardware Macro playback
  • 5 easily accessible Macro keys as well as Multimedia and Win-lock shortcuts
  • On the fly Macro recording - record and use key combos without leaving the game
  • Profile switch key-combo - Switch between keyboard profiles within an instant
  • Detachable wrist rest, braided USB cable and gold plated plugs
  • Online firmware updates
  • 64 KRO - 64 simultaneous key presses

What are the benefits to Mechanical Keyboards?

Traditional membrane (rubber dome) keyboards require you to press the button all the way down (bottom out) in order to activate, which can lead to finger fatigue, long-term discomfort, and lowered responsiveness.

CM Storm Mechanical keyboards utilize Cherry MX physical switches to determine the activation of when a key is pressed and in most cases do not require you to bottom-out on your keystrokes. That means as soon as your key is pressed to the activation point (2mm or half-way), the corresponding action will occur.

Users who type on their keyboards for extended periods of time - whether for work, gaming, or leisure - will feel the difference. Mechanical switches are also built from a higher quality, making them more durable for long term use (up to 50 million key presses).

It's important to know that a "gaming keyboard" is not necessarily a mechanical keyboard. Regardless of how many buttons or flashy lights equipped on the board, it will still lack the comfort, durability, and responsiveness of a mechanical equivalent.

Everyone has a type!

The keyboard is a very personal device - you use it every time you're at your PC - so why not go for a more satisfying experience?

CM Storm by Cooler Master provides a full line of mechanical keyboards with multiple Cherry MX switch types. The unique characteristics* to certain switch types include feedback (audio and/or tactile) as well as varying activation forces. Depending on the switch type chosen, it can provide an added level of customized comfort, responsiveness, and efficiency.


- 45 gram actuation force

- Medium key

- Tactile bump with no click

Cherry MX Brown switches represent a more even hybrid between gaming and daily typing. They feature a soft tactile bump near the middle of the key. This means you don't have to press they key all the way down to register. This makes for faster typing with less effort.

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Grensesnitt USB
Produsentens varenr. SGK-6010-GKCM1-ND
Produsentens garanti (md.) 24
Vekt m/emballasje 2.00 kg
Hot Keys-funksjon Multimedia, programmerbar
Layout Nordisk
Egenskaper Avtakbart håndleddsstøtte, profilstøtte, N-Key-rullover, flettekabel, avtakbar USB-kabel, Cherry MX Brown-teknologi, 128 KB innbygd minne
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