Fujitsu USB3.0 PCIe x1 adapter card

Varenummer: 806506 / Produktnr.: S26361-F3749-L501

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The motivation for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) came from several considerations, two of the most important being ease of use and port expension. USB goal remains to enable devices from different vendors to interoperate in an open architecture. USB is the most successful interface for connecting peripherals and peripheral interconnect ever defined and it has also migrated heavily into the server segment. USB 3.0 PCIe x1 Adapter Card Super-Speed USB 3.0 interface is the next revolution in I/O interconnect standards. With 10 times faster throughput than USB 2.0 standard and backward compatible with current USB device features, USB 3.0 interface will be the trend of IT technology. This board is a dual-port Super-Speed USB 3.0 PCI Express card. It is compliant with the PCI Express Generation 2 specification for host PC system. It works up to 5 Gbps for data transfer when connecting to USB 3.0 compliant peripherals, while maintaining compatibility with existing USB peripheral devices. This board supports USB 3.0 High-Speed device and backward compatible with current USB 2.0 High-Speed and USB 1.1 Full-Speed device. It is an ideal choice for external USB 3.0 devices and a reasonable supplement for the new internal RDX Drive USB3.0.

Garanti (måneder) 24
Enhetstype USB-adapter - 2 porter
Produktformfaktor Plugginnkort - lav profil
Grensesnitts(databuss)-type PCI Express 2.0 x1
PCI-spesifikasjonsrevidering PCIe 2.0
Overføringsteknologi Kablet
Datakjedeprotokoll USB, USB 2.0, SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Dataoverføringshastighet 5 Gbps
Prosessor / Minne
Prosessor uPD720202 - Renesas
Ekspansjon / Tilkoplinger
Grensesnitt 1 x USB 3.0 - 9-pins USB-type A (ekstern)
1 x USB 3.0 - 9-pins USB-type A (intern)
Kompatible spor 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x1 - full høyde
Min. driftstemperatur 5 °C
Maks. Driftstemperatur 35 °C
Informasjon om kompatibilitet
Designet for Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX100 S7p, RX200 S7, RX200 S8, RX2520 M1, RX300 S7, RX300 S8, RX350 S7, RX350 S8, RX4770 M2, RX4770 M3, RX500 S7, RX600 S6, RX600 S6 Freeconfig 1b, RX600 S6 Freeconfig 2a, RX600 S6 Freeconfig 2b, RX600 S6 VMware 1GB-192 GB RAM, SX150 S8 Universal Storage Server, SX350 S8 Universal Storage Server, TX100 S3, TX100 S3p, TX120 S3, TX120 S3p, TX140 S1, TX140 S1p, TX140 S2, TX150 S7, TX150 S8, TX200 S6, TX200 S7, TX2540 M1, TX300 S7, TX300 S8