Ryobi RB18L40 Batteri 18V 4,0 Ah

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Ryobi has launched Lithium+ the next generation of Lithium-Ion Technology with its 18V, 4.0Ah battery platform giving DIYers, homeowners, craftspeople and hobbyists access to a new level of power previously reserved for professional tradespeople.

This battery provides up to 4x the run-time, 35% more power, and is 20% lighter than previous standard Ni-Cd batteries and comes with intregrated fuel gauge.

Thanks to its ONE+ compatibility the battery works with and further upgrades over 30 tools in the ONE+ range!
•Up to 4x the runtime to get the job done before recharging your battery
•Up to 35% increased performance and 20% lighter weight
•On-board fuel gauge indicates battery status
•Deep discharge and overload protection for maximized durability
•Compatible with over 30 Ryobi ONE+ Power tools and garden tools

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