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3-way floorstand with dual 6.5'' DCD woofers

The A-Series flagship A360 floorstanding loudspeaker accurately reproduces any source material under any listening condition. As the front speakers in an home theater, or by themselves in a full-range two-channel music system, A360 loudspeakers have both the power and the subtlety to bring any form of home entertainment to life.

• Dual 6-1/2" (165mm) DCD woofers
• 3-1/2" (89mm) DCD midrange
• 1" (25mm) Kortec soft dome tweeter
• Elegant, scratch resistant high gloss black lacquer finish
• magnetic grille minimizes acoustical interference for an improved soundstage
• gold plated five-way binding posts

Boston A360s receive full marks in Hi-Fi Choice.

The Boston A360 loudspeakers have received a spectacular review in Hi-Fi Choice Magazine (September 2011). The article describes the speakers as "one of the most cohesive and lifelike speakers you can buy" providing "tonality that is rich, full and utterly believable." With praise like this it is hardly surprising the end verdict is a perfect five out of five rating.

Boston wins the double in Hi-Fi Choice

The September 2011 edition of Hi-Fi Choice marks a double victory for Boston's A360 speakers. In addition to their fantastic five out of five rating the speakers have scooped the prestigous Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award also. This review is not short of compliments for the speaker range, describing their sound as "fabulously entertaining making Boston incredibly easy to listen to for long periods."

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