Akasa OTTO SC12 120mm vifte

0-2000 RPM, 95,68 CFM, 4 Pin PWM

Varenummer: 1206356 / Produktnr.: AK-FN109

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Akasa OTTO SC12 120mm fan

Elite Pressure Optimised Cooling Fan

  • Advanced auto industry structure design
  • P68 rated rotor technology
  • Advanced blade technology
  • Intelligent PWM speed control
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubber mounting pins

Advanced Blade Design

Advanced sickle-flow design provides focused hi-static pressure, releasing strong and concentrated streams of air, making it perfect for heatsinks and radiators. As well as heavy duty applications.

Perfectly Fine-Tuned P-Q Curve

Otto SC12 has been carefully fine-tuned for optimising static pressure in the intersection relative to the radiator and heatsink applications in order to maximise the overall performance of the fan.

Advanced Auto Industry Structure Design

Patented spring-like anti-vibration structure ensures minimum vibration noise output. Coupled with fibre-glass reinforced polymer able to perform in most demanding surroundings.

Water and Dust Proof for Heavy Duty Applications

Superstrong materials and water resistance make Otto fan incredibly durable. IP68 rated rotor able to withstand dirt, dust, sand and water.

Intelligent PWM Speed Control

Intelligent PWM speed control ranging from 0-2000 RPM, ensures efficient and silent cooling delivery during higher and lower loads. Connected via a 4-pin connector.

Ingenious Rotor Technology

Three phase motor provides smoother shifts between the slots, this lowers unnecessary vibrations combined with unmatched energy efficiency.

Easy To Clean

Detachable frame provides convenient cleaning access without the need to remove whole frame.

Rubber Mounting Pins

Rubber case fan mounts; eliminate vibration and resonance given off by fans by isolating them from the case.

Garanti (måneder) 12
Produkttype Kabinettvifte
Pakkeinnhold 4 x gummistifter
Bredde 12 cm
Dybde 12 cm
Høyde 2.5 cm
Farge Grå
EAN 4710679551272
Kjølelegeme og vifte
Viftediameter 120 mm
Viftehøyde 25 mm
Viftelager Dobbelt kulelager
Rotasjonshastighet 0-2000 rpm
Luftstrøm 95.68 cfm
Lufttrykk 3.84 mm
Støynivå 7.1 - 30.2 dBA
Strømkobling 4-pins viftekontakt
Nominell spenning 12 V
Nominell strøm 0.21 A
Funksjoner Trefasemotor, intelligent PWM-viftekontroll, trykkoptimert vifte, avansert design av bilindustristruktur, avansert bladteknologi
MTBF 80,000 time(r)
Egenskaper Vannbestandig, støvbestandig
Tilpassede standarder IP68

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