Konftel C5070

USB, 1080p, 12x Zoom, OmniSound®, små til medium rom

Varenummer: 1196965 / Produktnr.: 951401089
  • Impressive optics - The Konftel Cam50 br
  • No hassle hub - The ingenious Konftel OC
  • Hear the difference - Four beamforming d
  • A sense of presence - Medium sized and o
  • Climate Neutral certification

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Konftel C5070

Meet with simplicity. Gain the edge.

The Konftel C5070 is the ideal video collaboration solution for small to medium sized meeting rooms, combining the Konftel Cam50 PTZ conference camera and the Konftel 70 speakerphone for OmniSound® audio quality.The Konftel OCC Hub brings everything together into one convenient kit, so a single USB cable is all you need to connect the camera, the sound unit and the room’s screen to the video meeting on your laptop.Whatever your preferred collaboration app or cloud service, the Konftel C5070 video kit will take care of the experience in your conference room. Bring your meeting with you on any laptop with a USB port, plug it in and you’re good to go. We call this BYOM – Bring Your Own Meeting.


Medium sized and oblong meeting rooms are the PTZ camera’s nat-ural habitat. A 72.5° field of view creates a sense of presence right from the start and it’s easy to zoom in to a suitable level. And you can test the Konftel Cam50’s performance by taking the 12x optical zoom all the way. Show notes on a whiteboard or details of a product sample with impressive clarity.


Four beamforming digital microphones provide a more focused audio experience with less distracting background noise. The Konftel 70 creates balanced, natural and lifelike conversations utilising noise sup-pression and echo cancellation as part of Konftel’s acclaimed OmniSound® technology. Hear and be heard in crystal clear, rich detail.


The ingenious Konftel OCC Hub offers One Cable Connection to the conference camera, speakerphone and screen. In practice, this means the Konftel C5070 fully supports BYOC – Bring Your Own Computer, where the user can utilize their preferred collaboration service on any laptop with a USB port


Konftel is certified in line with the Climate Neutral standard. This means that we have offset all our greenhouse gas emissions and are taking action to further reduce those emissions. When you choose a Konftel product, you keep a clear climate conscience while supporting your organization’s growing need for video collaboration.

Garanti (måneder) 24
Enhetstype Videokonferansesett
Settinnhold Høyttalende telefon, camera, hub
Størrelses- og vektdetaljer Høytaler - Bredde 27.8 cm Dybde 25 cm Høyde 5.9 cm Vekt 700 g
Kamera - Bredde 12.85 cm Dybde 11.8 cm Høyde 15.62 cm Vekt 910 g
Nav - Bredde 18.2 cm Dybde 7.8 cm Høyde 3.2 cm Vekt 365 g
Innebygde enheter Høyttaler, 4-mikrofonsoppstilling
EAN 7394001011480
Type Digitalvideokamera (farge) - ekstern
Grensesnittype SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Oppløsning på digitalt videoopptak 1920 x 1080
Videomoduser 1080/60p
Optisk zoom 12
Mekanisk kameradesign Panorering / tipping / zoom
Egenskaper 255 forhåndsinnstilte posisjoner, Auto Focus, 2 megapikseloppløsning
Synsvinkel (maks., grader) 72.5
Type 4 mikrofoner - integrert
Mikrofondriftsmåte Stråleforming
Type Høyttaler(e)
Type Fjernkontroll
Ekspansjon / Tilkoplinger
Grensesnitt 2 x USB 2.0 - 4-pins USB type A
1 x USB 2.0 - 4-pins USB-type B
1 x audio / video - HDMI-utgang - 19 pin HDMI Type A
Medfølgende kabler 1 x kabel for USB-A til USB-B - 4.5 m
1 x USB-kabel - 3 m
1 x USB-type A til mikro-USB-type B-kabel - 5 m
1 x USB-type A til mini-USB-type B-kabel - 1.5 m
Monteringssett Inkludert
Inkludert tilbehør Fjernkontroll, 2 x AAA-batterier, berøringsfestetape, veggmontering, 3 strømadaptere
Strømenhet Strømadapter - ekstern
Påkrevd nettspenning AC 120/230 V