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CyberLink PhotoDirector 8 Ultra (MAC)

Varenummer: 1179119 / Produktnr.: 41382

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PhotoDirector 8 ticks all the boxes for photography enthusiasts. It handles all your photo management needs—combining a massive list of supported Camera RAW formats and lens profiles with powerful organization features for large photo collections; it has an extensive range of easy-to-apply filters and effects, along with precise retouching and adjustments for portraits; and it offers a truly natural way to work with layers and control images to create stunning, professional results.

  • Simplified Layer Editing
    Working with layers doesn't have to be confusing. PhotoDirector demystifies the process of creating stunning images using multiple images, text and mask layers. The new Express Layer Templates contain all the components that make up a complex image, showing you how layers combine to produce photographic effects. The many blending layers offer amazing, effortless creative possibilities!
  • Stunning Photos from Video
    Now you can take the perfect picture from your videos. With just a click you can capture a razor-sharp still image that you can use to create you own perfect panorama, group photo, multi-exposure image or layered image. No need for complicated shutter speeds or exposure settings: PhotoDirector can make impressive multi-exposure images from your videos along with offering some great customization options.
  • Incredible Panoramas and Perfect Group Photos
    Create breathtaking, wide-angle panoramas by stitching together a sequence of images from your videos. Select the stills you want to use from your video, then PhotoDirector will stitch them together for a flawless panoramic image. For perfect group portraits, full of smiles and open eyes, simply take a video of the group, then use Video-to-Photo Face Swap to instantly create a single, perfect photo.
  • Remove Unwanted Objects, Including Photobombers
    With the Content-Aware Removal tool, erasing an object is as simple as highlighting it with an easy-to-use selection brush, then clicking a button. Remove objects or people from photos simply by brushing over them. PhotoDirector instantly fills spaces using an intelligent algorithm that blends perfectly with the surrounding background.
  • Perfect Portraits, Always
    Easy-to-use retouching tools make pro-like enhancements of portraits, selfies, and group shots achievable for even complete beginners. Make every face perfect with skin smoothening to remove wrinkles, blemish, shine, eye bags and red eyes. Take off extra pounds with an easy slider to reshape the contour of faces and bodies for a slimmer look. Enlarge the eyes too for added attraction, adjust skin tone for the look you are after, giving your subjects healthier looking skin or a perfect tan in moments. Give your photo shoots a professional feel!
  • Countless Filters, Effects and Blurs
    Get that unique look and feel you're after with PhotoDirector's unmatched library of photo adjustments. Create tilt-shift and HDR effects, reduce noise, apply one-click presets. Give life to your photos by conveying movement, adding energy and focus with the new Motion Blur. Or experiment with an incredible assortment of overlays that will instantly give your photos an edge.
  • Add that Extra Touch with Color Splash
    Quickly add drama and focus to your images by turning them to black and white while retaining selected parts of the photo in color. A great way to draw the viewers eye and create memorable photos. And you can always adjust individual RGB channels to correct tough white balance problems, or to create attractive cross processing effects.
  • Photography Essentials for the Pros
    For the advanced photographers PhotoDirector offers extensive support for a vast selection of more than 100 commercial camera lenses, bodies and RAW formats from the world’s leading digital camera manufacturers, streamlining the editing process to quickly and accurately fix common lens flaws like barrel distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration.
Kategori Kreativitetsapplikasjon - grafikk- og bildebehandling
Produkttype Lisens
Versjon 8
Plattform MacOS
Distribusjonsmedier Nedlasting
Språk Kinesisk (tradisjonell), Kinesisk (forenklet), Engelsk, Tysk, Fransk, Italiensk, Spansk, Japansk, Koreansk

Mac System Requirements
OS X v10.8 or later

Nedlastbart spill Software
Platform Cyberlink photodirector
Sjanger programvare
Støttet språk English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (European), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean
Støttet system Mac OSX
Utvikler CyberLink
Antall lisenser 1 bruker
Støttet OS Apple MacOS X 10.8 eller nyere
Ekstrakrav Internettforbindelse