ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk gamingmus

USB, 5 programmerbare knapper, 6200 DPI, Aura Sync RGB

Varenummer: 1161678 / Produktnr.: 90MP01U0-BMUA00

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ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk Gaming Mouse (6,200 DPI, 5 Programmable Buttons, Aura Sync RGB Lighting, Lightweight, Ergonomic, Soft-Rubber Cable) -Hard Pink

  • Lightweight build and ambidextrous ergonomics co-designed with pro gamers
  • Pivoted button mechanism for fast response and accurate performance
  • Fast, smooth and flexible glides with lightweight, soft-rubber cable
  • 6,200 dpi optical sensor with four-level DPI switch for sensitivity adjustment
  • On-the-fly DPI button for effortless accuracy adjustments
  • Exclusive push-fit switch socket design to vary click resistance and extend lifespan
  • ASUS Aura RGB illumination and compatibility with the Aura Sync ecosystem

ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punkis a lightweight, ambidextrous gaming mouse that delivers smooth action and superb flexibility. It features pivoted buttons and a soft-rubber cable for fast, tactile clicks and unhindered glides. There's also a 6,200 dpi sensor for pinpoint accuracy. As well, Impact II Electro Punk is equipped with an exclusive, push-fit switch socket design to extend its lifespan, a four-level adjustable DPI switch that makes it easy to vary sensitivity to match the way you play, and a semi-transparent cover for a final touch of style.

Aura Sync RGB Lighting

ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk shines from top to tail, with Aura RGB lighting integrated into the logo, scroll wheel and front – with the leading LEDs projecting forward like headlights to illuminate your battlefield. The lighting can be customized using a near-endless spectrum of colors and a range of dynamic effects, and up to three profiles can be stored on board to take your preferences anywhere.

Precise and Accurate Sidearm

We collaborated with professional gamers in the design of ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk, resulting in ambidextrous ergonomics that are optimized for performance play and a comfortable grip, in a mere 79g frame. The 6,200 dpi sensor tracks at up to 220 ips and with a 1000 Hz polling rate, so you're assured high precision, fast response and accurate control – and all without a hint of lag. Impact II Electro Punk even includes five programmable buttons, allowing you to tailor control for your game or playing style.

Pivoted Button Mechanism

Shorter travel means quicker clicks, which is why our engineers equipped ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk with pivoted buttons. The mechanism utilizes springs and metal hinges to balance the keys and minimize the distance between the buttons and switches. The upshot is minimal travel and rapid return, ensuring superb speed, responsiveness and consistency with every click.

Garanti (måneder) 24
Enhetstype Mus
Orientering Høyre- og venstrehåndet
Bredde 6.25 cm
Dybde 12 cm
Høyde 3.95 cm
Vekt 79 g
Farge Svart, rosa
Overføringsteknologi Kablet
Grensesnitt USB
Bevegelsessensor Optisk
Antall knapper 5
Bevegelsesoppløsning 6200 dpi
Ytelse 30 G maksimal akselerasjon, 220 ips-sporingshastighet
Egenskaper DPI-hurtigsvitsjing, ASUS Aura Sync RGB LED
Ekspansjon / Tilkoplinger
Grensesnitt 1 x USB - 4-pins USB type A