Xiaomi SmartMi Vifte 2S Hvit

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Xiaomi SmartMi Vifte 2S Hvit

Innovative 7-blade, diversion-style fan cover, airfoil-shaped fan blades and dual-direction radial axis design combined to reproduce the gentleness and fluidity of natural wind.

Innovative algorithm used to simulate the randomness and gentleness of real natural wind

DC motor applied which brings stable operation at low speeds, smooth speed changes and greater ranges of rotational speed

High quality brushless DC motor creates as little noise as 29 dB(A)

100 stepless speeds and 4 oscillation angles: 30-, 60-, 90-, 120-degreese

33.6 W-h Li-ion batteries ensure over 16 hours of refreshing breezes and free you from the need for a power cord.

Weather-proof ABS materials and anodized aluminum alloy body present high quality

Fusing exquisite craftsmanship with simple design aesthetics

Smart control through the Mijia app on your Android or iOS device

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