AKRacing Core SX Gamingstol Hvit

Maks vekt 150kg, klasse 4 gassløfter, 3D armlener, PU lær

Varenummer: 1153766 / Produktnr.: AK-SX-WT

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AKRacing Core Series SX Gaming Chair

SX by AKRacing – Change the way you play the game!AKRacing Core Series SX boasts minimalist aesthetics without skimping on the build quality and ergonomics. Ideal for both offices and gamers thanks to understated but stylish colors this series also features a new armrest design that’ll bring perfect comfort to those long gaming or work sessions.

  • Lumbar and headrest sushions – Matching support cushions are included with SX gaming chair at no extra charge for extra comfort, no matter how long you play or stream.
  • Impressive weight capacity – just like top of the line AKRacing chairs, Core Series SX chair boasts an impressive 330 lbs suggested weight limit.
  • Steel frame covered with anti-corrosive black paint for extended chair life
  • High-density cold cured foam for long gaming sessions in comfort
  • 180 degree recline with variable tension rocking function for personalized seating position
  • 3D armrests to set to your preference in 3 directions (up & down, back & forth and rotate to the sides)
  • Height adjustment – Set your desired height by using the lever underneath the chair.

Adjustable Armrests

AKRacing Core Series SX gaming chairs features 3D armrests adjustable in 3 directions: up & down, back & forth, and rotating to the sides.

5-Star Metal Base

AKRacing Core Series SX gaming chair comes with a steel 5-star base, and 2.5 inch PU wheels that roll easily on all kinds of surfaces.

But Can You Do This?

All AKRacing gaming chairs have a full 180 degrees recline, compared to only 120-135 degrees recline offered by other gaming chair brands.

Quality & Craftsmanship

AKRacing sources premium quality materials for its products and takes pride in its dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. From premium grade PU leather and top grain leather for chair upholstery, to steel frames treated with high performance anti-corrosion topcoat, you can see the hand of the artist in every chair produced by AKRacing.

Racing Heritage

AKRacing has started as a real race car manufacturer in 2001. With our heritage in the racing industry, AKRacing knows cutting corners is never welcome. We take this concept seriously when it comes to our chairs, too. Our design philosophy dictates a minimum standard for a true performance chair.

AKRacing Factory

AKRacing is one of only a few gaming chair companies that owns its own factory, meaning our chairs are created in-house, from design to manufacturing to tooling our own armrests and bases, and undergo strict quality control.

Garanti (måneder) 60
Produkttype Stol - armlener - roterende
Pakkeinnhold Hodestøttepute, korsryggpute
Utformet for Spilling
Hodestøtte Ja
Antall armlener 2
Trinser Ja
Tippelås Ja
Tippespenningsjustering Ja
Mekanisme Konvensjonell
Maks. lastvekt 150 kg
Materiale Metall, høydensitetsskumplast, PU-kunstlær
Farge Hvit
Montering kreves Ja
Monteringsverktøy kreves Unbrakonøkkel
Funksjoner Metallramme, gassløftehøydejustering, klasse 4 gassløfter, 3 - 18°-vippeområde, korrosjonsbestandig ramme, anbefalt kroppsmasseindeks (BMI) inntil 29
Bredde 55.9 cm
Justerbar høyde Ja: 7.9 cm
Høyde 45.7 cm - 53.6 cm
Dybde 49 cm
Materiale Metall, høydensitetsskumplast, PU-kunstlær
Farge Svart, hvit
Bredde 54.9 cm
Høyde 83.8 cm
Vinkeljustering Ja
Lumbalstøtte Ja - justerbar: Ja
Materiale Metall, høydensitetsskumplast, PU-kunstlær
Farge Svart, hvit
Funksjoner 180° justerbar vinkelk
Design 5-punkts stjerne
Trinser 5 x 6.35 cm
Materiale Metall
Form T-formet
Justerbare armlener Ja
Høyde 27.9 cm - 35.6 cm
Høydejusteringsområde 7.6 cm
Funksjoner 3D-justerbar
Justerbart hodestøtte Ja
Størrelser og vekt
Vekt 22 kg
Størrelser og vekt (forsendelse)
Fraktvekt 24.9 kg
Tilpassede standarder ANSI/BIFMA
Fabrikantgaranti 5 år
Garantidetaljer Ramme: 10 år