Svive Alpha K22A E-sport Gaming Mus

USB, 6 programmerbare knapper, 12000 DPI, 3360 sensor, medium, gaming mus

Varenummer: 1146717 / Produktnr.: SVIVEGM006

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Svive Alpha K22A E-sport Gaming Mouse

Precision. Speed. Endurance. Svive proudly presents the Alpha gaming mouse, a weapon like no other. Designed for professional gamers, Svive Alpha eSport features an ultra-lightweight body, gaining you every millisecond possible on your pursuit to climb the leaderboards. Take control of the game faster and smoother with one of the lightest pro gaming mice out there, without compromising on accuracy and durability. Gear up for battle with Svive Alpha eSport and conquer on your next quest!

Flexible USB cable

This pro gaming mouse is equipped with an extremely flexible and light USB cable, designed to minimize drag and resistance. It allows you to execute faster and smoother swipes, providing you with maximum control.

Why lightweight?

Even the smallest advantages make a huge difference during competitive gaming. Svive Alpha eSport mouse weighs in at only 67g, allowing for swifter, more controlled moves and increasing your reaction speed during combat. A lighter mouse is a major asset in battle royale and fast-paced FPS games, where quick movements and a precise aim is of greatest importance. Take your skills to the next level!

Smooth PTFE skates

The PTFE skates offer low friction and help provide a smooth, easy glide, making your moves faster and your gaming mouse more responsive.

eSport-ready performance

At Svive we know that the equipment plays a vital role in obtaining your game titles. The ergonomic design of this mouse accommodates most grip styles and offers maximum comfort, allowing you to play for hours at a time. It is equipped with an e-sports quality Pixart P3360 optical sensor with a sensitivity of up to 12,000 DPI. Also, its lift-off distance can be adjusted to match your playing style – perfect when every millimeter counts.

6 programmable buttons

Svive Alpha comes with 6 programmable buttons that are fully configurable via Svive software, giving you access to macros and secondary functions. Also, the mouse’s split-button design helps detect both light clicks and robust ones.

Svive software

Download Svive software to customize your new gaming mouse. Here you can access the settings for macros and programmable buttons. With some easy customization, you get exactly the settings that suit your gaming style.

Garanti (måneder) 24
Enhetstype Mus
Bredde 6.2 cm
Dybde 12.1 cm
Høyde 3.9 cm
Vekt 67 g
Produktmateriale ABS-plast
Overføringsteknologi Kablet
Grensesnitt USB
Bevegelsessensor Optisk
Bevegelsesoppløsning 12000 dpi
Ytelse 50 G maskimal akselerasjon, 12000 fps, 250 ips-sporingshastighet, 1296 pixels imaging array, realtime sensitivity switching 100 - 12000 dpi (100 dpi increments)
Kabellengde 1.8 m
Egenskaper UV-malt, RGB-bakgrunnslys, Pixart 3360 optisk sensor