Feiyutech Vlog Pocket, Black

Varenummer: 1140804 / Produktnr.: 381024

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Feiyutech VLOG Pocket

Everyone can be a Vlogger

VLOG pocket is designed for shooting Vlog, it is the lightest foldable smartphone gimbal in the market. The eagle wing-shaped folding design makes it small and portable. Without balancing, Shooting mode can be easily switched between portrait and landscape. It supports built-in camera of Smartphone, intelligent object tracking and 240g payload capacity. VLOG pocket enables users to grasp various high-level techniques and be an outstanding Vlogger!

Easy to carry, easy to Vlog.

The eagle wing-shaped folding design makes it small and portable. Just put it in your pocket and make vlog anywhere anytime.

One key for switching shooting mode, appreciate the world from different angles

Just one key for switching between portrait mode and landscape mode. VLOG pocket is not only for making daily vlog, but also for streaming and creating short video on Tik Tok.

Support built-in camera, give you ultimate experience

Unlike other gimbals which are unfriendly to the Android users, VLOG pocket is a pioneer in supporting smartphones' built-in camera. Without connecting APP, VLOG pocket provides the same experience to IOS and Android users.

Hitchcock dolly zoom

No need for professional equipment, you can shoot a blockbuster. With Feiyu ON APP, you can easily achieve Hitchcock dolly zoom shooting and experience the classics.

AI tracking system with fast responding

VLOG pocket has powerful AI tracking system with fast responding in face and object tracking. The gimbal will track the face or object after lock the target at app. The tracking and shooting function without delay makes the gimbal more intelligent.

Lighter body, Larger payload

It is a trendy and minimalist design which is made of composite engineering materials with high-performance. VLOG pocket is exquisite and practical: the lightest smartphone gimbal weighs only 272g; it is equipped with the newest super motor with the payload capacity up to 240g which it can be compatible with all popular smartphones. The button layout conforms to ergonomics, which is easy to operate. VLOG pocket can help you with dynamic and static shooting, which make users become the king of photography world.

Overlapping images bring you the new era of photography

Shooting in action mode with one click, and get photo immediately with multiple exposure. VLOG pocket brings you new style of social media. You are the eye-catching social king!

The long battery life satisfies all your needs

The battery life is up to 14h which is enough for vloggers' daily needs. Stablization always be together with your passion.

Garanti (måneder) 12
Produkttype Motorized handheld stabilizer
Bredde 9.1 cm
Dybde 66.8 cm
Høyde 24.2 cm
Vekt 272 g
Farge Midnatts sort
Maks. vekt som støttes 240 g
Støttede Produkter Mobiltelefon
Egenskaper Batteridrevet, fjernstyring via Bluetooth, tripodmonterbar, Elektrisk stabiliseringssystem, tidsforkortet opptak, USB-lading
Head Type Svingbart
Panorering (grader) 330
Tipping (grader) 240
Tilleggsutstyr inkludert Bordtripod, USB-ladekabel, bærepose