Thrustmaster ESWAP Silver color pack

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Thrustmaster eSwap Silver Color Pack

Thrustmaster offers a premium pack of modules dedicated to the eSwap Pro Controller to expand your gaming comfort zone.

These modules feature new shapes and textures to help you push your boundaries and raise your playing level thanks to 7 exclusive modules + 2 additional ministick caps.

A complete set of modules available in matching colors (silver and black) for a premium, professional look.

The product is under official license from PlayStation 4, is fully functional with the eSwap Pro Controller, and is compatible with PS4 and PCs running Windows 10 (PC compatibility not tested or approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment).



The eSwap Silver Color Pack optimizes gaming comfort with new modules specially designed for the eSwap Pro Controller.

This pack is designed to increase your game rating, improve your ranking, and improve your performance.

All with a good dose of style!,


An alternative to short triggers for players looking for new sensations.

The solution for maximum precision thanks to a long, sleek, pressure-resistant design.


Tall ministicks with metal joints for smooth and precise movements in all circumstances.

You can switch the style of the caps (convex or concave) depending on what you like best.


An unusual style with different ergonomics.

Built for a completely redesigned experience that provides optimal comfort for long periods of play.


The eSwap Pro Controller comes with an unlimited ecosystem of modules that combine design and performance.

A variety of upgradeable packs and color packs are available to provide optimal comfort for your favorite game of the moment.

You can try out new textures, shapes and module heights: they’re all as different as they are complementary

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Pakkeinnhold 7 moduler, 2 minipinner
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