PolarPro Osmo Pocket Cinema Vivid Col.

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PolarPro Osmo Pocket Cinema Vivid

Get ready to shoot stunning daylight videos in all weather conditions with your DJI Osmo Pocket using this set of three Vivid Collection ND/PL Filters from Polar Pro's Cinema Series. The filters are easy to install and snap onto your Osmo Pocket's lens with magnets.

The ND4, ND8, and ND16 neutral density/polarizer filters included in this pack reduce light from entering the camera lens by two, three, and four stops, respectively, and help enhance color saturation. The polarizer function helps reduce reflection and glare from surfaces like water or glass, especially when taking landscape shots on sunny days.

Each filter is made with anti-scratch and oil- and water-resistant optical glass and coated with a total of sixteen layers. The filters are easy to snap on, and lightweight to ensure they don't interfere with the Osmo Pocket's gimbal. They are made with durable aluminum rings and its strong magnetic mount is rated to 35 mph of force so they stay in place. The filters come in a plastic case to protect and transport them.

ND4 Filter
The ND4/PL filter for the Osmo Pocket reduces the amount of light entering the camera lens by two stops. It helps to slow down the shutter speed considerably and is ideal for use in cloudy daylight conditions.

ND8 Filter
The ND8/PL filter cuts light by three stops, helping you capture crystal clear footage and images on partly cloudy days. This filter is also useful for preventing the 'jello' effect often seen when filming objects in motion, and for giving footage of objects in motion a natural blur.

ND16 Filter
The ND16/PL filter is effective for cutting the amount of light hitting the camera sensor by four stops. It helps capture cinematic footage on normal sunny days.

Polarizer Filter Effect
The polarizer function built into each ND/PL filter lens is designed to deliver sharp images when shooting outdoors in sunny conditions. The filter also helps prevent glare from naturally reflective surfaces such as snow, windows, and water.

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Produkttype Filtersett
Inkludert antall 3 filtre
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Filtereffekter Polarisator / naturlig metning
Filtertilkoblingstype Snappfeste
Filtersettdetaljer Polarisator / naturlig metning 4x
Polarisator / naturlig metning 8x
Polarisator / naturlig metning 16x
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