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BenQ 55" Public Display ST5501K

Varenummer: 1119822 / Produktnr.: 9H.F55TK.NA2

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BenQ 55" Public Display ST5501K

All-in-One Solution for Retail Spaces of All Kinds 

ST5501K is the ideal digital display solution for small businesses and corporations. It brings together a wide variety of features that further elevate the attractiveness of retail and corporate environments. The stunning 4K resolution helps to enhance customer engagement, while the iron frame that covers all sides of the signage provides a robust and sleek design that blends well into modern retail and corporate spaces. Additionally, the powerful X-Sign software facilitates effortless content creation and management, and MDA application guarantees hassle-free display control. The wide range of sizes and sleek design ensure that businesses and corporations can enjoy a consistent look that helps them establish strong brand or corporate images. Combining all the aforementioned features and benefits, ST5501K series is an all-in-one solution for modern businesses and corporations.

Android Built-In

Built-in Android means that BenQ ST5501K is ready to work as soon as operators plug it in. There’s no need to hook it up to a PC or other device to serve content, and embedded speakers provide for ST5501K’s audio needs. With no cables to hide, the all-in-one ST5501K fits neatly on shelves and reduces clutter. 

USB Plug & Play

ST5501K 's plug-and-play simplicity enables you to access and play multimedia files directly from a USB flash drive. Requiring no PC connection or complicated cable setup, ST5501K ensures a holistic shopping experience with the most hassle-free installation.

Wireless Solution for Seamless Collaboration

InstaQShare is the software designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration during lectures. It allows the smooth streaming of visual, audio files and Full HD quality videos. Users can also mirror content from mobile devices, and invite up to 16 participants for seamless collaboration.

Flexible and Sleek Design for All Retail and Corporate Environments

BenQ Smart Signage series comes with a wide range of sizes, and an iron frame that covers all sides of the signage, ensuring a sleek and robust design that can provide a consistent look for retail and corporate spaces.

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

Unlike anything else available on the market, BenQ Bar Type displays are built to ensure flawless portrait and landscape view. This choice between vertical and horizontal installation greatly increases flexibility when operators are designing and arranging their stores.

4K2K UHD Unparalleled Clarity

An ultra-high definition resolution of 4K2K (3840 x 2160) offers not only the most exquisite image details for an optimal viewing experience but also four times more information and workspace than a 1080p full HD display, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

Powerful Performance & Drive

The combination of 16G system storage and 2G RAM memory ensures delivery of smooth, seamless display performance at all times, even while the smart signage is multitasking between applications.

Lightweight Design

Our smart signage displays can be easily mounted or rearranged to suit diverse uses, which saves you plenty of costs and manpower on signage installation, and eventually facilitates different display configurations in stores, offices, and other commercial establishments.

Garanti (måneder) 36
Produkttype Flat skjerm med LED-bakgrunnsbelysning
Energiklasse Klasse B
Strømforbruk ved drift 200 watt
Strømforbruk (på-modus) 167 W
Årlig energiforbruk 244 kWh
Diagonalklasse 65"
Kommersiell bruk Ja - digital signering
TV-kanalvelger Ingen kanalvelger
TV-kanalvelgerforekomst Nei
Videogrensesnitt Komponent, kompositt, HDMI
HDMI-portantall 3 porter
PC-grensesnitt VGA (HD-15), Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)
Moduser Landskapsmodus
Fysiske mål Uten stativ
Bredde 146.2 cm
Dybde 8.8 cm
Høyde 84.4 cm
Vekt 20 kg
Oppløsning 3840 x 2160
Skjermformat 4K UHD (2160p)
Bildets sideforhold 16:9
Bildehastighets- og forbedringsteknologi 60 Hz Frame Rate
LCD-bakgrunnsbelysningsteknologi LED-bakgrunnsbelysning - direktebelyst LED
Kontrastforhold 1200:1
Lysstyrke 350 cd/m²
Synsvinkel 178 grader
Synsvinkel (loddrett) 178 grader
Svartid 8 ms
Baklyslevetid 30,000 timer
Kommersielle funksjoner Digitalsignatur
Stativer og monteringer
Stativ Valgfritt
USB-port Ja
USB-portantall 4
Type Standard fjernkontroll
Høyttalersystem 2 høyttalere
Utgangseffekt 16 watt
Høyttalere 2 x høyttaler - innebygget - 8 watt
Nettverk & internettmultimediaer
Konnektivitet LAN
Kontakttype 2 x HDMI
Kompositt videoinngang
4 x USB
Kompositt videoutgang
Medfølgende kabler VGA-kabel
Strømenhet Strømforsyning
Nominell spenning AC 120/230 V
På/av-svitsj Ja
Størrelser og vekt (forsendelse)
Vekt (forsendelse) 28 kg