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You value the freedom and convenience provided by today’s powerful smartphones and tablets. Norton Mobile Security provides proactive protection for these small computers so you can enjoy all the benefits of a constantly connected mobile world.
  • Protects against apps with potential privacy risks and intrusive behaviour
  • Protects against apps with high battery drain and data use
  • Helps stop malicious apps caused by malware
  • Protects against annoying, unwanted calls and mobile spam1
  • Detects phishing and dangerous websites
  • Removes your private information if your device is lost or stolen
  • Locates your lost or stolen Android™, iPhone®, or iPad®
  • Restores your contacts across your Android™, iPhone® or iPad®
Nedlastbart spill Software
Platform Symantec
Sjanger sikkerhet
Støttet språk Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
Støttet system Android, iOS
Utvikler Symantec Corporation