ViewSonic DLP Projektor PX725HD

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ViewSonic DLP Projektor PX725HD

1080p DLP Cinema SuperColor™ Rec.709 6X Speed RGBRGB Home Entertainment Projector

ViewSonic’s PX725HD is a 2,000 ANSI Lumens 1080p projector equipped with a 6X Speed RGBRGB colour wheel and ViewSonic’s exclusive Cinema SuperColor™ technology. PX725HD projects razor-sharp images in incredible Rec.709 colour so you can experience movie scenes just as the director intended. With ISF Certified calibration, technicians are able to fine-tune projector settings to match your personal usage and preferences. PX725HD features an innovative colour profile exchange tool, vColorTuner, which allows users to exchange variety of colour profiles, bringing you a more versatile cinematic colour experience. ViewSonic Projector Software Update is available online and gives you the ability to keep your projector firmware up to date easily and conveniently. PX725HD’s multiple HDMI ports and SonicExpert technology allow you to experience excellent HD video and audio in the comfort of your living room, making PX725HD a complete home theatre projection solution. 

Bold Cinematic Colour

The projector achieves incredible international Rec.709 HDTV standard for colour accuracy, producing the jaw-dropping cinematic colour you would expect at a cinema.

Professional Image Calibration

With ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certified calibration tools built-in, ISF-certified technicians can provide on-site tuning of Day and Night modes to fine-tuned settings based on your preferences for bright and dark environments.

Extensive Connectivity for HD Devices

Dual HDMI ports provide enough connectivity to support any of your HDMI multimedia devices, so you can enjoy big screen experience anytime.

Variety of Colour Profiles Support

With the vColorTuner colour profile exchange tool you can easily upload or download different colour profiles and manage them on the projector via the mini USB port, giving you a more versatile cinematic colour experience.

User-friendly Control

PX725HD comes with a backlit remote control that makes operating the projector simple, especially in the dark.

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