HP Pavilion 500 Gaming Tastatur

Varenummer: 1078003 / Produktnr.: 3VN40AA#UUW

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HP Pavilion Gaming Keyboard 500

Swift. Smooth. Silent.
Maximize potential with a mechanical keyboard engineered to deliver speed with every stroke. Equipped with Red switches, every key press provides lightning-fast response times—taking your work and play to unmatched levels.

Product features

No key undetected: Anti-ghosting with N-key rollover ensures that no matter how fast and furious you make your next move, every single key press is detected.
Control tracks and volume: Adjust the volume or skip to your favorite track without exiting. With media control Fn keys, you have the power to switch it up while in-game.
Interruption-free gaming: Game interruptions are detrimental to your success.Prevent them by activating the gaming mode function key, so all background processes stay where they belong—out of your game.
Customize your comfort: Compete in comfort with 2-way adjustable legs that allow your wrist to sit in a relaxed, natural position.

What’s in the box

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Garanti (måneder) 12
Enhetstype Tastatur
Bakbelysning 4-farget
Tastaturteknologi Mekanisk
Nøkkelsvitsjtype Rød svitsj
Bredde 44.45 cm
Dybde 13.65 cm
Høyde 3.8 cm
Vekt 830 g
Størrelser og vekt (forsendelse)
Fraktbredde 50 cm
Fraktdybde 20.2 cm
Frakthøyde 5 cm
Fraktvekt 1.18 kg
Informasjon om kompatibilitet
Designet for OMEN by HP 15-dc1013nb, 15-dc1023na, 15-dc1046nb, 15-dc1620nd, 15-dc1927nd, 15-dc1970nd, 15-dc1986nd, 15-dh0010no, 17-cb0799nd
OMEN Obelisk by HP 875-0017nl, 875-0140, 875-0160, 875-1010, 875-1022, 875-1043no
OMEN X by HP 15-dg0002ns, 15-dg0003nf, 15-dg0006nf, 15-dg0008nf, 15-dg0010nr, 15-dg0028no, 15-dg0036nb
HP 14 cm0918nd, 14-cf1006no, 14-cf1932nd, 14-cm0918nd, 14-dg0003nd, 14-dk0008nb, 14-dk0010no, 14-dk0011na, 14-dk0017na, 14-dk0018na, 14-dk0111no, 14-dk0932nd, 15-da0019nia, 15-da0073wm, 15-da0121nf, 15-da1000nh, 15-da1015nb, 15-da1017nb, 15-da1103ng, 15-da1613nd, 15-da1614nd, 15-db0204nb, 15-db1007nb, 15-db1842nd, 15-dw0004no, 15-dw0954nd, 15-dw0957nd, 17-by0023na, 17-by0063cl, 17-by0150nb, 17-by1075nb, 17-ca1901nd, 22-c0030na, 22-c0037na, 24-f0011, 24-f0041nl
HP Chromebook 14-db0819nd, 15-de0000na
HP ENVY 13-aq0001no, 13-aq0023nb, 13-aq0036nb, 13-aq0037nb, 13-aq0650nd
HP ENVY x360 13-ag0030nb, 13-ag0031nb, 15-dr0002nb, 15-dr0019nb
HP Pavilion 13-an0006no, 14-ce0000nh, 14-ce2045nl, 14-ce2084nb, 14-ce2086nb, 14-ce2087nb, 14-ce2704nd, 14-ce2706nd, 15-bc551nd, 15-bc553nd, 15-cs1026nl, 15-cs1055nb, 15-cs1057nb, 15-cs2040nb, 15-cs2093nb, 15-cs2105nb, 15-cs2106nb, 15-cs2107nb, 15-cs2615nd, 15-cs2617nd, 15-cs2748nd, 15-cs2846nd, 15-cs2847nd, 15-cs2974nd, 15-cw0003cy, 15-cw1029nb, 15-cw1040nb, 15-cw1041nb, 15-cw1042nb, 15-cw1043nb, 24-xa0550nd, 24-xa1008na, 27-xa0010ng, 27-xa0036na, 27-xa0400nd, 590-p0075na, 590-p0182nb, 595-p0300nd, 595-p0321nd, 595-p0355nd, 595-p0997nd, 595-p0998nd
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HP Pavilion x360 14-dh0020na, 14-dh0068nb, 14-dh0603nd, 14-dh0807nd, 15-cr0051cl
HP Slimline 290-p0600ng, 290-p0800nd, 290-p0810nd
HP Spectre x360 13-ap0011nb, 13-ap0015nl, 13-ap0018nb, 13-ap0019nb, 15-df0064nb, 15-df0065nb