Anna's Quest

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Dragons, witches, trolls... No one can stop Anna. With her telekinesis, unorthodox use of torture instruments, a knack for improvisation and the help of a shady fox she just makes her way. She communes with the dead, shuts off the local taverns beer supply and gets old ladies behind bars...

The world of author Dane Krams' debut on the game development stage isn't as cuddly as it may seem. Anna however, is actually perfectly nice - or is she? It all starts with freeing talking teddy bear...

Anna's Quest unfolds a hand-drawn, grim tale with a good dash of self-irony.

  • Unlimited inventory with special slot for a baby dragon
  • Small-time Vandalism
  • Discover a Unicorn's inner beauty 
  • Black magic and telekinesis - this time, not exclusive to villains!
  • Executions for the whole family! 
  • light-hearted, courageous, bad-ass: Anna 
  • Classic Point & Click controls with hotspot-indicator 
  • Awesome ending (really!)
Sjanger Tredjepersonseventyr
Plattform Mac, Windows, Linux
Distribusjonsmedier Nedlasting
Nedlastbart spill Game
PEGI Anbefalt Aldersgrense PEGI 7
Platform Steam
Sjanger indie, eventyr
Støttet system Mac OSX, PC Windows, Linux
Maks. antall spillere 1
PEGI-klasse 7
PEGI-innholdsbeskrivelse Vold
Utgiver Daedalic Entertainment
Utvikler Daedalic Entertainment
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