Titanfall 2™: Deluxe Upgrade

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TITANFALL®2 DELUXE EDITION UPGRADE* Upgrade to the Titanfall® 2 Deluxe Edition to stand out with Prime upgrades for Ion & Scorch, available this December. These upgrade the shape of your Titan, change the sound effects and unlock new executions. On day one, you’ll be able to customize every Titan with instant access to Excalibur Chrome Warpaints and Thunderbird Nose Arts, as well as the Splinter Ocean and Quantum Ocean Camos for every Titan, Pilot, and Weapon in the game.
DLC true
Krav Requires content download Requires hard drive File Size (in MB or GB): Not expected to exceed 1 MB
Nedlastbart spill Game
PEGI Anbefalt Aldersgrense PEGI 16
PEGI Grunnlag Violence
Platform Microsoft
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Støttet språk Audio: EN, FR, IT, ES, DE, PL, RU, BP, JP, MX, AR Text: EN, FR, IT, ES, DE, PL, RU, BP, JP, MX, AR, TC, TK
Støttet system XBOX One