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Cabasse Surf

Small yet incredible

Surf is designed for a full and dynamic performance in rooms up to 25 m², with a soundstage that is incredibly stable and filled with realism. When partnered with the adaptive capabilities of the Cabasse Stream AMP, this bookshelf speaker can reproduce low frequencies with an extension and purity that is generally only the privilege of larger column speakers, even placed against walls or in corners.

Wide range tweeter

The driver’s diaphragm was created by Cabasse for the latest versions of the 3-way co-axial TC23 which is fitted on the flagship La Sphere and L’Ocean. This diaphragm is outstanding: extreme thermal and mechanical resistance; remarkable damping capacity and overall stability of performance over time. In association with the powerful magnet and a specific horn profile, the DOM 37 is able to reproduce the high-mid bandwidth with a linearity rarely reached by traditional two-way systems.

High excursion woofer

The specific shape of the 13 cm driver unit was specifically designed by Cabasse for maximum mechanical rigidity and low frequency use, which results in a deeper bass without coloration. The voice coil mounted on Kapton® is perfectly ventilated: high power handling and acceleration abilities are outstanding.

HDSE filters

The Cabasse measuring protocol in the anechoic chamber takes into account measurements on the listening axis and at 360° for perfect control of the directivity and global power output in keeping with the Cabasse HDSE principle (Homogeneous Distribution of the Sonic Energy). Direct and reflected sounds are homogeneous, the sound stage wide and stable.

Cabasse Stream Amp

High-res wireless streaming receiver

With Stream AMP 100, Cabasse extends its streaming range by providing an original high fidelity amplifier solution for all your speakers.

2 speakers, Stream Amp: A world of music

Connected to the home network in Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Stream AMP 100 lets you enjoy all the music stored in the house, from worldwide radio stations as well as streaming audio with Deezer and Spotify. It has an optical digital input to manage the sound of a flat screen or a CD player, two analog inputs and a USB input for playing audio files from USB sticks and hard drives External.

2 or 4 speakers

Stream AMP 100 is equipped with 4 loudspeaker outputs, with an impedance adjustment to optimize the available power. It is configurable for use in stereo with 1 or 2 pairs of speakers, mono with 2 groups of speakers, mono with 4 groups of speakers. Designed to be used in a professional bay, it can for example discreetly power up to 8 In-Ceiling speakers of our Archipel range and be driven by Wi-Fi from all parts of the house.

Stream Amp optimises Cabasse speaker integration

Stream AMP offers 4 room-adapting profiles for Cabasse speakers. Simply select in the StreamCONTROL application the Cabasse model and the profile corresponding to the positioning of the speakers in the room. The amazing improvement of the reproduction, surprising with the small speakers by the obvious extension of the depth of the bass, is also surprising for the columns speakers.

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