ASUS Radeon HD 7970 GHz 3GB GDDR5

PCI-Express 3.0, "MATRIX Platinum", SL-DVI-I + DL-DVI-D, 4xDisplayPort, 1100MHz

ASUS Radeon HD 7970 GHz 3GB GDDR5
ASUS Radeon HD 7970 GHz 3GB GDDR5
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Produsentens varenr.: MATRIX-HD7970-P-3GD5
Vekt m/emballasje: 2.75 kg
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AMD Radeon GraphicsTweak, Game and Win with ASUS ROG MATRIX HD7970 PLATINUM graphics card.

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DIGI+VRM with 20 phase Super Alloy Power

20-phase Super Alloy Power – Efficient power delivery!

Acclaimed DIGI+ VRM joins superiorquality 20-phase Super Alloy Power to drive precise digital control for enhanced performance, reliability, and card longevity.

VGA hotwire

Propreitary VGA hotwire allows you to plug and solder wires on the card's voltage regulators and accurately read and control Vcore, Vmem, and PLL voltages from ASUS ROG MBs on a hardware level.

GPU Tweak:

GPU Tweak co-developed with the most authoritative GPU-Z to provide the most accurate information

175 MHz Overclock:

Overclocked to 1100 MHz for better performance and outstanding gaming experience.

Gigantic 3GB GDDR5 Memory

On-board memory for the best gaming experience & the best resolution.

AMD Eyefinity Technology:

Extend the View across 6 Displays to immerse yourself in gameplay and entertainment.